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The Wayne County Sheriff's Office operates from offices in the Wayne County Justice Center, which was constructed in 1977.  The Wayne County Justice Center includes a multi-jurisdictional communication center providing radio communications to local law enforcement agencies and fire departments, in addition to specialized services for the hearing impaired community, National Weather Service and Disaster Services Agency. In August 1989, Wayne County became an enhanced 911 community to better serve its citizens.  Every division of the Sheriff's Office is staffed 24 hours a day.

Wayne County Justice Center

Corrections Division

The Corrections Division operates all adult detention facilities in Wayne County under the jurisdiction of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. The Wayne County Jail has been recognized as one of the best designed and most secure detention facilities in Ohio.   In addition, the Wayne County Jail has been awarded numerous Certificates of Excellence from the Ohio Department of Corrections and The National Corrections Association of Health for their continual excellence in compliance with state standards.

The Wayne County Jail offers several rehabilitation programs to inmates.  Currently, services are offered for alcohol and drug addiction, mental health counseling, GED, physical education, a work release program, community work programs and religious services.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for providing primary police service to the unincorporated villages and townships within Wayne County.  Each deputy is trained in the areas of first aid, firearms, human relations, patrol techniques and procedures, domestic violence, mental illness, alcohol abuse, narcotics, gambling, vice, juvenile delinquency, traffic control, accident investigations, and all phases of criminal investigations.

In addition, sheriff's deputies are responsible for serving arrest warrants generated by Wayne County Common Pleas Court, Probate Court, Juvenile Court, Municipal Court and Small Claims Court.

A staff of deputies are assigned to follow-up investigations of serious crimes reported to the Sheriff, and assist other jurisdictions upon request.

Civil Division

The Sheriff is responsible for serving summonses, subpoenas, civil and criminal decrees originating from the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and all other county courts.

In addition, the Wayne County Sheriff's Office administers all sheriff sales, orders of executions and distribution of funds.

Wayne County Sheriff's Office, 201 W. North Street,  Wooster Ohio 44691
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